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Installing Schumacher's 'Canopy' Wallpaper: Precision and Elegance from Start to Finish

When you choose Schumacher's 'Canopy' wallpaper for your space, you're not just redecorating; you're making a statement. Known for their exceptional quality and stunning designs, Schumacher ensures that each wallpaper installation is a luxurious enhancement to any interior. With the 'Canopy' wallpaper, inspired by the whimsical art of Abel Macias, you'll transform a room with patterns that echo the vibrant essence of traditional Mexican embroidery.

Preparation: Creating the Perfect Canvas

The road to a flawless wallpaper application begins with your drywall. Ensure a smooth, flat surface by meticulously taping and mudding the drywall joints. It's a process that requires patience and attention to detail:

1. Drywall Tape Application: Apply drywall tape over all seams to prevent cracking.

2. Mudding: Cover the tape with a layer of joint compound (mud), feathering it out to create an even, flat surface.

3. Sanding: Once the mud is dry, sand it down to a perfect smoothness.

4. Priming: Finish the prep with a coat of Gards primer by Zinsser, creating a secure surface for your wallpaper to adhere to.

Unfinished drywall with a visible seam and electrical outlet, showcasing the initial stage of wall preparation before the application of tape and mud
Schumacher Canopy Wallpaper Installation

A person applying joint compound to drywall seams with a wide taping knife, illustrating the process of mudding for a smooth, flat wall surface

Measuring and Trimming: The Schumacher Precision

Schumacher's 'Canopy' arrives untrimmed, requiring your artful hand to prepare it for the walls:

1. Zinc Cutting Plate: On your work surface, lay down a 4-inch wide zinc cutting plate at the approximate point where you will trim the wallpaper.

2. Positioning the Wallpaper: Roll out the 'Canopy' wallpaper on top of the cutting plate.

3. Precision Cutting: Align a 6-foot straight edge against the part that needs trimming. With an Olfa snap blade, make precision cuts 6 feet at a time, continuing along the entire 10 yards, then repeat for the other edge.

A large, colorful roll of Schumacher's 'Canopy' wallpaper laid out on a work table, with wallpaper tools, paste, and a zinc cutting plate visible in preparation for trimming

Booking and Hanging: The Moment of Transformation

With your wallpaper trimmed, the next step is to bring it to the wall:

1. Pasting: Spread an even coat of Romans Pro 880 paste on the back of the wallpaper.

2. Booking: Fold the pasted ends onto itself, allowing the paste to activate and the paper to expand. This is called 'booking', and the wallpaper should be booked for 3 to 5 minutes.

3. Hanging the Wallpaper: Carry the booked piece to the wall. Unfold the top portion and align it close to where the pattern matches the adjacent piece. Once you're in position, press it onto the wall.

4. Smoothing: Starting from the center, smooth the paper out towards the edges, moving up to the ceiling and down to the base trim.

5. Creasing and Cutting: Crease the wallpaper into the corner of the trim to prep for trimming. Hold a 6-inch mud knife in the creased line and use an Olfa snap blade to cut along the edge.

6. Cleaning: After trimming, immediately clean any residual paste off the trim with a damp sponge.

An elegantly wallpapered room featuring Schumacher's 'Canopy' design with vibrant patterns of flora and fauna, above white wainscoting, with a seamless finish around doors and fixtures

Schumacher's Quality: A Cut Above

Schumacher's commitment to superior design and quality ensures that 'Canopy' is more than just wallpaper; it's a transformative design element. The unique hand-painted look and textured feel are testament to the brand's dedication to bringing beauty and durability to your walls.

Tool Checklist: Everything You Need for Installation

Here's a comprehensive list of tools you'll need to ensure a smooth installation process:

- Large and wide surface for wallpaper trimming and pasting

- Zinc cutting plate and 6-foot straight edge for precision trimming

- Romans Pro 880 paste for reliable adhesion

- Gards primer by Zinsser for priming the walls

- 20-minute mud for drywall preparation

- Drywall tape for seamless joints

- Paint and wallpaper tools for application

- Masking materials to protect adjacent surfaces

- Olfa snap blades for sharp, clean cuts

- Tape measure and level for accurate placement

- Sponge for cleaning excess paste

With these tools and the 'Canopy' wallpaper, you're set to embark on a journey from plain drywall to a breathtakingly adorned room, filled with the spirit of artful design and the quality that only Schumacher can provide.

An elegantly wallpapered room featuring Schumacher's 'Canopy' design with vibrant patterns of flora and fauna, above white wainscoting, with a seamless finish around doors and fixtures

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